Login Instructions

Username and Password

Your username is your 9-digit ID number and your password is the 8-digit Technion secret code*.

* which is used for the various services such as course registration in the UG, grades, and usually the password in the Technion Moodle.

Course Enrollment

Automatic enrollment

All the students who have registered at the Undergraduate Studies site before the beginning of the semester, will be automatically enrolled on the first day of the semester to the course(s) to which he or she is registered. At the end of the second week of the semester, another round of student registration will be performed. If, for whatever reason, the student has not been enrolled at this stage, he or she can enroll manually.

Manual enrollement

First, log in to the system as instructed above. Then, attempt to enter the website of your course. To see a list of available courses, you may have to click the “All courses” button on the bottom-right corner of the screen. If the course allows guest access, you will see the site's content. In the left panel of the screen, click on the link:

Enrol me in this course

If the course does not allow guest access, just attempt to enter the website. In both cases you will be asked:

“You are about to enrol yourself as a member of this course.
Are you sure you wish to do this?”

Answer “Yes” to this question.

PLEASE NOTE: enrollment to a course in the phMoodle system does not imply being enrolled to this course in the UG system. Students who are not enrolled in the undergraduate office will not be allowed to take the test!

Cancel the enrollement

As long as the student is registered to a course, he continues to receive all the notifications of the course - forum posts, announcements, etc. A student cannot un-enroll him- or herself from a course, and must turn to the system administrator to do so (see details below).

Change Personal Details

Use this link to change your name or email address: http://phstudy.technion.ac.il/phmoodle/auth/technion/update.php. Please only use it if you have a good reason; the new information is checked and is updated by the system administrator if he sees fit. The update may take several days, so please be patient!

Homework policies and tips

Each assignment of a course will have a deadline. This deadline is set for the entire group or course, and cannot be set individually for each student. If you cannot meet the deadline, please consult with the Teaching Assistant (TA) in charge.

After the deadline has passed, the assignment cannot be accessed again by the student. Therefore, if you plan to use your individual version of the homework in the future ( for studying for the exam, for example), make sure that you save your homework's webpage while it is still accessible. You can print it, save its screenshot, or save it as a webpage or a PDF file within your browser.

Further Assistance

For issues related to the course and in particular the course website, contact your teaching assistant in charge. For technical issues such as problems with enrollment, cancelling your enrollment or logging in, write to the system administrator (phmoodle@phstudy.technion.ac.il). For identification purposes, please use your Technion email address, and don't forget to provide your ID number and your full name.

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